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How to understand the Exotic breed of cat

Your Cat and Origin

Exotic is a family of cats that include the Bengal Cat breed and the African Serval Cats breed. Both of these breeds are considered exotic after their dotted coats resembling the coats of their ancestors, the Asian Leopard and the African Cheetah respectively, although these are just their appearance as both belong in the group of felidaes.
How to understand the Exotic breed of cat

Height and Weight

Exotic African Serval cats can grow as much as 18 to 24 inches in height, while the Cheetah is as tall as about 53 inches. The average weight of African Servals is 18 to 45 pounds. Bengal cats, in the other hand, are a little larger than African and weight around 7 to 20 pounds.

Colors and Coat

These exotic cats are easy to identify for their coats with the colors and dotted patterns that you can see in their ancestors with fine, short furl. Asian Leopards and African Cheetahs as said before, but Serval has larger ears.

Temperament and Living Environment

African Serval cats are wildcats that became domestic cats so they keep some of the characteristics of Cheetahs, but they are playful and make good companion since they do not turn aggressive as they mature. Bengal cats like to hunt and run being destructive pets that may ruing your furnishing if you do not take care of them.


A weekly brushing a combing routine is enough to keep these exotic cats well groomed.

Diet and Care

Despite these are breeds of exotic appearance and origin, none of them requiring special diet or care, and contrary to their ancestors, they prefer grass, fruits and vegetables.

Health issues and Life expectancy

Bengal cats can live up to 15 years while African Servants can live 20 or more years, and their health problems are often associated to emotional issues.

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