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How to Understand the Cretan Hound

The Cretan Hound can be traced to the Greek Island of Crete with writings dating back 3500 years. Some believe the ancestors of the Cretan Hound may have been from Africa but this is more than likely the oldest dog breed in Europe. The Cretan people had many enemies trying to take over their land; they became very suspicious of strangers. The people were proud and were not very happy to share any of the unique species of animals found on their island. The Cretan Hound was often hidden away from the eyes of strangers. The dogs of course were discovered and are now considered not only awesome hunting dogs but great family pets as well.
How to Understand the Cretan Hound

Height and Weight

The Cretan Hound males stand around 27 inches and weigh around 44 to 66 pounds. Females stand around 19 inches and weigh about the same as the males.

Colors and Coat

The coat is fine, short, and close to the body. Coat colors include pure white, cream, sandy, fawn, grey, black or brindle, bi-colored or tri-colored.

Temperament and Living Environment

This breed is a hunter above all else. He not only has a keen sight and scent but he is known for grounding scenting and tasting the air as well as sucking the scent from the stones. Once the Cretan Hound has the scent, his tail moves in a circle and his body becomes rigid.

He is a clean elegant fellow that does will with children and is very affectionate. He is a bit shy around strangers. He can live in a family with domestic animals, but not cats or other smaller animals that he may think are prey. Remember, above all else, he is a hunter at heart. Not huge on barking, unless a stranger approaches.

He needs room to exercise. He will not be happy with city life or an apartment.


The Cretan Hound enjoys a good brushing once in a while with a firm bristle brush. You can bathe him with dry shampoo or mild soap when necessary.

Diet and Care

He is a very active dog breed that will need to be fed a well balanced diet. For care, ensure he gets enough exercise. A long daily walk will do wonders for this guy. When possible let him run free.

Health Issues and Life Expectancy

The Gretan Hound is a healthy breed and does not have any health issues. The life expectancy is 10 to 12 years.

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