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How to Understand the Carolina Dog

The Carolina Dog is one that you may not see around much as he is a rare breed. When you first see the Carolina Dog, you may think he is just a dingo as his appearance is similar.
How to Understand the Carolina Dog

The Carolina Dog was discovered in Georgia by Dr. Michael Valenzuela. The Carolina Dog is still not fully domesticated but can make a great family dog.

Height and weight

Both male and female Carolina Dog’s at adulthood are 17 to 24 inches tall and weigh 30 to 44 pounds.

Colors and coat

The coat on the Carolina Dog is short and straight with a thick dense undercoat. The color of the coat include with spots such as tan, beige, desert sand, yellow, orange, ginger red, and red sable.

Temperament and living environment

The Carolina Dog is use to being on their own but with training, they are great family pets. They are gentle, kind, and devoted. He is very good around children and does well with other pets in the family as long as they are introduced while they are still in puppyhood. He does have a tendency to howl at noises that are unfamiliar or just at the moon.

The Carolina Dog does not like apartment living as he needs to outside. He does best with a large yard, but cannot stand cold temperatures.


The Carolina Dog is use to living in packs with one leader. As a trainer, you must be firm and consistent. Once he realizes you are the leader he will obey and learn quickly. He is not the friendliest breed with strangers as he is more inclined to stay with his pack or human family.

Grooming His coat is pretty much self-grooming, but it is nice to brush his comb and give him a bath with necessary.

Diet and exercise

He should be given a well balanced diet according to how active he is during the day. You can learn how much he will eat on his own and watch his weight. If he is not active enough, he may become overweight.

He will need plenty of exercise, thus the reason for a large backyard. He should also be taken on long walks.

Health issues and life expectancy

At this time, there are no records of any health issues with the Carolina Dog. His life expectancy is 12 to 14 years of age.

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